Gone Skiing

Forgot to post a Mindful Monday today because I went skiing. Spent a wonderful day with friends at Sunday River in Maine.

It’s very different this year because we can’t use the base lodge to get ready so we are getting booted up in our cars. It’s a bit challenging when it’s very cold out like it was today, but once you’re out there, zooming along, you forget about the tough part.

In fact, it was so nice to be out there today and forget about Covid for a while and be back doing my favorite thing in the whole wide world.

Finally Getting into a Groove

On the slopes

For those who follow my blog, you know I’m an avid skier. The reason I am is because my husband and I have a seasonal business. We sell a card that offers skiers discounts on lift tickets at about 20 ski areas throughout New England. Promoting the card is what has allowed us to ski so much, because each weekend we are at a different ski area to advertise our business. However, because of Covid, we don’t have our business this year. The promotions we host each weekend are held in a bar with a plethora of skiers, and that can’t happen this year.

So, this year we find ourselves with lots of time on our hands each weekend. It’s taken us a few weeks, but we’ve finally planned some weekends away. Well, not exactly weekends. Skiing on a Saturday is challenging because the mountains are so busy. Instead, this year we’ve opted to take some mid-week trips, when the crowds are less – on the slopes and in the hotels.

So, to help with Covid fatigue, and because we really miss our weekend tour, Jeff and I finally sat down and hammered out some dates. Beginning this weekend, we are heading to Sunday River in Maine with some of our dear friends to celebrate my birthday, which is the 27th. Our ski family has a tradition that we celebrate all the winter birthdays at our weekends together, but because we don’t have a tour this year, we are trying to be intentional planning our weekends away with each other so we can keep our tradition alive. I’m happy we will be together finally this weekend.

I have no doubt that things will be weird. We won’t be able to go to restaurants and eat or hang in the bar after a day on the slopes and have a cocktail together. But we will be able to see each other on the slopes. We will be able to park near each other and tailgate for a break after a bunch of runs. At night, we are staying in a bed and breakfast together, so we know we can sit in the common room, with our masks on, six feet apart and be together – albeit socially distanced. The important thing is we will get to see our friends and feel a semblance of order in our lives. Skiing is in all our blood and getting to spend time on the slopes with good friends will invigorate all of us.

Mindful Monday: Be Where You Are

Since we are all waiting patiently for our turn at the vaccine, and perhaps we are looking forward to traveling again, I thought this would be a good reminder for the week. We all want to get away, but until then, try to be content with your four walls. Maybe paint them if you need a change or buy some new wall art! Hang in there.

Mindful Monday: We Must Unite

I saw this last week on social media, the day after the insurrection, and it gave a chuckle. And, I needed that chuckle.

All kidding aside, the divide in our country is serious. For months now, I’ve been saying that the election had moved far beyond party and became about the person. The actions of that person last week were deadly. Four people dead and a country further divided.

Conspiracies as to what happened are running the gamut, but my favorite is that this was pulled off my Biden supporters to make Trump look bad. Really? Why? To what end? He will be out soon enough, and all the riot did was to cause four souls to leave this earth prematurely and cause people to become more engrained in their camps.

I wish people would stop being so stubborn, but I don’t think that will happen. We have anarchists in the mix and people who have shut down who won’t listen to reason and logic, thus a solution is far off. In the meantime, I will continue to pray for the citizens of the US, Trump, Biden, our government, and my country.


Mindful Monday: What is hard?

I saw this post on Facebook the other day and thought it would be fitting for my first Mindful Monday post of the new year, which we have been anticipating since March 13 when the world stopped in the states.

Usually, the new year is full of resolutions and promises to make changes in our lives. As we ponder the promise of a new year, I thought this post would be fitting to help us all remember that the grass isn’t always greener, and that perspective goes a long way is helping us see our obstacles.