Mindful Monday: Be Like Elsa

I post this today as a guidepost for you but also as a reminder to myself. Sometimes, I can be like a dog with a bone; I gnaw until it hurts. When that happens, I need to remind myself to put it down, lay it on God, and let it go. As the passage say, “Your peace is more important.” And it’s true. If you hold a grudge, who does it really hurt? More often than not, the person you’re upset with has no idea you’re angry with them. Holding those ill feelings only hurts yourself, so let it go. You’ll feel so much better. Have a fantastic week!

Mindful Monday: Thankful

I understand that the last year has been incredibly difficult. Lives have been lost, so many lives, and there is a thread of fear in our world. I am not immune to the anguish. That said, I am thankful for the changes that this season has brought to my life. I got up this morning, looked at the snow in my yard and felt peace. I’m dressed and ready for work in my house and heading to my office upstairs and I’m content. Yes, life is fearful but I’m thankful and so grateful for the safety my family and I have in our home. I am grateful that we have work, and I am thankful to God every day that we are worthy of the many blessings he bestows upon upon us. There is always light even in the dark. Remember that. So, what are you grateful for today?

Journey Towards Faith

Me … Us. That is how it’s supposed to be.

I began my journey towards faith as a Catholic. I don’t call myself that anymore, nor do I regret being one, because it gave me a start. It helped me learn who Jesus was and learn about the grace of God. I attended catechism, took my Catholic sacraments, got married in a Catholic church, Jeff and I had our kids baptized and continued to teach them about Catholicism. While on that journey of educating our kids, my brother introduced me to a deeper understanding of faith and the Bible, and that’s when I learned I had a calling on my life.

However, since learning I had that calling, I initially found it difficult to live with. Anyone who ventures into a deeper relationship with God knows you are attacked at times throughout your life. I’ve had to endure many of these to finally realize I wasn’t supposed to retreat when they happened, which is what I did. Following a “recovery,” I would neglect daily prayer or reading scripture. I’d avoid my relationship with Jesus and not talk to him because when I got closer to Him, something bad would happen to me. That said, what I realized after looking back on the times I was attacked by the enemy, in my darkest days, I remember myself praying harder than ever before. In my valley, I would pray, but when I emerged, I would run as fast as I could from that place in my life.

For example, if you’ve never read my post about the event which was the importance for the name of my blog, please do. As awful as it was to endure that recovery, I never stopped praying while in it. Each day I got up but had pain and limited mobility, I still thanked the Good Lord that I was on the right side of the dirt and that I was able to work and was healing, albeit slowly with lots of plateaus, but I was making progress. After I got better, I began to retreat from my faith. I shut down. I was grateful I recovered but was afraid to forge a bond deeper with God because I might get hurt again. And, I was also marked by the feelings I struggled with during that period.

What stands out the most when I remember that season in my life was feeling fathomless loneliness. Understand that outwardly, I looked okay. I appeared well, except for a limp. I was still trying to be upbeat, and I was able to continue working. Because of that, I don’t think people understood how alone I felt. I wasn’t crippled; I still had some quality of life, so nobody checked on me. Nobody called or stopped by to see how I was doing. Even Jeff had no idea the mental anguish I was suffering. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to hike again, or even walk normally. But, I was especially afraid I wouldn’t ski. All those fears, which I should have placed upon the Lord but didn’t know how, also made me feel helpless. So, what I did was throw myself into the physical therapy I trusted would deliver me, and it did. Working so hard to recover contributed to me feeling less helpless. But, despite working with physical therapists and seeing my coworkers daily, I still felt alone, because nobody really knew what I was really going through.

That event, my Falling Upstairs moment, only heightened my anxiety when I faced brain surgery. I know, I was entitled to feel anxiety. It’s not like people you know have a brain tumor removed each day. So, yes, I was allowed to feel anxious. But, what heightened my anxiety was remembering how alone I felt when I was recovering from my knee surgery. I didn’t want to experience that feeling of detachment, again. I didn’t want to feel forgotten as life went on without me. Thankfully, I didn’t. In the span of years between my Falling Upstairs moment and my brain surgery, I amassed a new group of beautiful people in my life.

See, being lonely caused me to be a more active player in my life. It was Gods way of showing me the value of human connection. He had to break me down a bit for me to appreciate what I finally had when it came to me, true friendship. It’s not that I didn’t have friends before, but the Good Lord put me in situations where I was able to make connections with a variety of people. Being a natural introvert, I normally shy away from forming bonds. But, after my experience with loneliness, I never wanted to feel that way again. When we lead ski trips out west, I met so many wonderful people. I call them my tribe now. They know what an introvert I am, but they don’t care. They have all adopted me. The other thing I learned about true friends, is they love you no matter what. They know when we are all out together, and I’m quiet, it’s just me; I’m a quiet person. I like to listen. I will contribute when I feel like it, but I mostly like to pay attention, smile, laugh, and just be there.

When these beautiful people were getting to know me, and when we first began to spend more time together, they would check on me when I was quiet. But, they all know me now and they know that’s how I play along. I’m more of a passive participant.

The most wonderful thing about my tribe though, that is especially special about them, is they connected with me when I needed them most. Following my brain surgery, they sent flowers and Edible Arrangements. They sent cards throughout the weeks of my recovery. But, more importantly than the material things they sent (which I loved), they reached out to me. They called and texted to make sure I knew they were there and that they cared about me. They visited and made a point to come almost every weekend. Thank you, God, I wasn’t alone because of my tribe. And, I know now, had I not endured what I did with my knee during that lonely season, I may never have let these people in. I am grateful for my faith, which helped me appreciate good and bad times, and thankful for the people in my life whom God placed lovingly into it because he doesn’t want us to be alone. He is always with us, but He also knows we need each other. I know that now.

Mindful Monday: Gone Skiing, again

I’m skiing again today! If you’re reading this on Monday, know that I’m in my happy place.

To keep this post in the mindful theme of a Mindful Monday, why not think about doing something you like today. All too often, especially on a Monday, it’s easy to feel like you’re in a rut. So, today, try something different or make an effort to do something that makes you happy and will bring a smile to your face on this Monday! Take care and have a peaceful week.

A Quick Catch-up

So, I sat down tonight to write a blog but really didn’t have a lot to say. I would talk about politics, but I really don’t want to go there. The country is too divided; there is a deep divide between the folks who support the new and old president. If you’ve followed my blog, you know which side I’m on; I guess you might say I’m happy and cautiously optimistic for our country’s future, and I’ll leave that thought there.

As far as anything new in my life, except for the skiing, which has been phenomenal, I feel like my life has been on wash, rinse, repeat. But I’m not complaining, because this particular routine of wash, rinse, repeat is not the same old humdrum of my life over the decades. No, this is like I found a new, fantastic shampoo and conditioner, and it’s aroma therapy when I wash daily. My new life; work from home (WFH) is really agreeing with me. My new role, which I began officially last July, is fantastic. For those who are wondering, I do safety and awareness training for the Information Security department at the University I work for. I develop trainings for Information Security. I’m learning so much in this role; I feel like my creative side was shut down for a very long time and I’m finally able to reconnect with it.

Besides work, I’ve just been immersing myself in winter and enjoying every cold, snowy, bug-free moment of it. I do like the long, warm days of summer, but I hate (and I really mean hate) the bugs, especially mosquitoes and bees/hornets, snakes, and spiders. I don’t like to go for walks in the woods in any other season besdies winter because of the insects and snakes. That said, I really like all four seasons and feel blessed to live in a place where I can experience them all. Winter has my heart, though. It snowed this week and we picked up about 8 inches of the white-gold I love so much. I was able to begin snowshoeing again and went on a sojourn in the woods on my lunch on Wednesday.

That’s another perk of working from home. I can do a Peloton workout or go for a walk on my lunch. Also, the fact that I don’t have a commute means I can consistently sleep an hour later each day. On the days I don’t have meetings, I’ve been known to sleep until 7:30 am, roll out of bed, throw on my slippers and robe, make breakfast and tea, and head to the “office.” The reason I can do this on non-meeting days is because nobody will see me. See, I always have Zoom or Teams meetings, the camera is always on when I have a meeting, unless it’s a giant group, then I won’t turn the camera on. But, when I have meetings with my department or a committee I’m working on, I really need to show my face. On meeting days, I get up, shower, dress, and if it’s a fancy meeting, I’ll even put makeup on. My office mates don’t always get my makeup face. I’ve never met them, so when they meet me in person, I need to have an Ace up sleeve and be able to present them with my full makeuped face. Not sure when I’ll meet my coworkers in person. We are WFH until at least June 30, but I’m happy about that. I have no idea how I’ll ever get up at 6:30 am again to go to work.

Speaking of work, I do have some awesome family related news: my daughter Madison just got a job in Human Resources at a local hospital. She’s working on her Master’s in Human Resource Management, so it’s wonderful that she got a job in her intended field. We will be celebrating at home with steaks and fine wine on Friday night. I’m so happy for her and so proud. Oh, and I’ll have a new WFH office mate. She got a puppy in September. I wrote a blog about it: Meet Maple. Apparently, she will be my Maple moving forward. I’m not unhappy about it. She’s fun, and I suspect she will be a good friend to have around.

She’s grown a bit since my first blog post about her

Well, that’s it, as I said at the beginning, I didn’t really have much to say today. I just wanted to catch you all up on my life because I feel like I’ve been neglecting my blog. I know, I’ve been posting the weekly Mindful Mondays, but I haven’t really been sharing any life news. Overall, my life is good. I’m really happy with where I’m at right now. It’s winter; there is snow on the ground; I can ski … life is good. And, I’m thrilled for my daughter.

Mindful Monday: Believe

Fortunately, I can say wholeheartedly, I do have a few of these people in my life. Those who saw my potential when I’d forgotten it was there.

My last role, which I am grateful to have had, made me begin to doubt my abilities. I also allowed myself to be silenced. The new role I have, at the same institution, has opened parts of my mind that have been dormant for years. I feel smart again, and very much appreciated. My supervisor believed in me first, and then I began to believe in me, too.

And, I have many people who just love me. They know my insecurities and that I am a staunch introvert, and they just play the outgoing role I avoid and love my company. Even when I’m just quiet. I love those people most of all. You all know who you are. 😘