Mindful Monday: Timing

These words right here are the essence of the stress in our lives, and in particularly for our 20-something generation.

They have never had to wait for anything. They want music; they download it. They want to reach a friend; they text them. They want something new; they buy it online. They have no idea what it is like to wait or to want.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they are spoiled; they have a different perspective than my generation does because they have always lived with instant gratification. Thus, they have stress when things don’t happen immediately for them. They have never developed the patience that comes from waiting. They very rarely experience disappointment or have developed the resilience that results from it.

Also, and I’m not saying this generation is lacking faith, but when one lives without faith, one may not realize that everything comes to pass in its own timing. God holds the blueprints to our lives and his timing is not ours. When one comes to understand that, patience and inner peace follows.

What I’m trying to say is let go and try to go with the flow. Sometimes it’s a nice ride.

Mindful Monday: Think Positive

In the last few years I have learned how trying to look on the bright side of any situation gains positive outcomes. I have a propensity to be easily brought down, and in those moments I need to consciously remind myself to say something positive. Sometimes the unhappy comes out first, but then I try to follow up with happy. I’m finding it’s easier to overcome the negative since I began this practice. And, it is a practice.

Mindful Monday: Keep Moving

I’m at a time in my life where someone close to me is going through a tribulation. In my mind I keep thinking, “Don’t give up. Keep trying!” When we talk, I continue to encourage.

What I’m learning from this period with this person is that all I can do is continue encouraging, because strength comes from within, not from the people around you. It’s their job to support and hope you tap into to your resilience and strength. So, I’m here today to remind you to keep moving and if you want to give up, remember that you’re so much stronger than you believe you are. Just keep trying. Have a great week!

Mindful Monday: A Firm Grip

I touched on this idea in a post a couple weeks ago. When the going used to get tough for me, I’d pray a lot to get through but after I made it through my tribulation I’d let go of God. I was afraid of being attacked by the enemy again, so I’d run from my faith. Since Covid began, I’ve been incredibly blessed and am so grateful for the good that has entered my life, and I realize it’s because I’m using my talents and am being rewarded. I am thankful for the blessings in my life and realize Who granted them. I have a grip on His hand and will no longer let go.