“Mischief Managed”

Perennials new and old: A new Phlox and a well-established Bleeding Heart

Last week I wrote a post about how I was anticipating a very busy weekend revolving around yard work. Well, I also lamented about how I dislike spring, but then I shared how my family and I needed to prepare the garden, clean and mulch our perennial beds, and do general yard cleanup. Although yard work is a lot of hard work, I don’t mind it. What I do mind is the black flies. At the end of that post I told you I’d update about how productive my time outside was. So, here is the update. My family and I indeed spent the weekend cleaning up the yard and completed our goals; in the immortal words of JK Rowling, “Mischief Managed.”  

Saturday began with Jeff and Colby hefting three yards of compost up the hill to our garden, and Maddy and I spread it. It’s too early in New Hampshire to plant the garden, so Jeff will till in the compost and we will plant in two weeks.

We got our perennial beds cleaned out spread bags of mulch. I even bought a few new annuals and one perennial to brighten up some of the spaces.

And, after about twelve hours spent outdoors in the yard over two days, I’m happy to report that the black flies were nearly a no-show. First, because Saturday was so incredibly windy, offering up winds hailing from the maelstrom category, the nasty little buggers couldn’t take flight. Second, Sunday was very warm all morning. Black flies avoid hot sun, so they weren’t an issue until closer to 2pm. At that point the sun went in and it cooled off, considerably. However, we were just about done. Jeff and Maddy had spread the last bag of mulch and I was raking. I endured the pests for about 15 minutes.

I’m very happy we are done and that our spring cleaning wasn’t ravaged by the nasty little ear-biters. Next, we need to plant the garden and finish mulching the front, then we can spend the summer enjoying the rewards of our hard work.

3 thoughts on ““Mischief Managed”

  1. I was a middle-school librarian when the Harry Potter series came out. It was an enchanted reading enticement to reluctant middle schoolers. Your gardent looks to be well on its way to being enchanting!

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