New_HeadshoptHello, I’m Judy, and I live in Southern New Hampshire. I’ve always been a writer at heart. My first poem was published in my local newspaper when I was 8 years old. Ironically, it was called Snow. Today, I am an avid skier who loves to write.

When my children were young, I started working as a freelance journalist for my local newspaper. After a few years as a freelancer, they invited me in house to do layout in order to cover a maternity leave. When the woman returned, they asked me stay on as a special sections editor. This opportunity allowed me to hone my writing skills.

Around this same time, my husband and I started a small seasonal business, The Ride & Ski Card. This is a card we sell that gives our clients discounts to more than 25 mountains throughout New England and Canada. Cue me learning how to ski in my early 30s.

In the years following Jeff and I starting our business, I left the paper because it wasn’t paying the bills. I did a sundry amount of jobs and eventually ended up working at Southern New Hampshire University. This blessing allowed me the opportunity to earn a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing and Literature.

As my kids were growing up, I never devoted any time to writing. I would jot down the occasional poem or write a one-off story. About 20 years ago I had an idea for a character for a children’s book, and I wrote that book, but put it away in a drawer until 2017 when I started my Master’s. Since that time my life has taken many twists and turns, and all of them have become fodder for my writing career and this blog. I hope you enjoy these walks down memory lane with me.

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