Mindful Monday: Love One Another

I love this passage. It really resonates with me as it centers on my desire to have others show kindness and grace to one another. Goodness begins with faith and unconditional love. The fathers love for us. Jesus died for us; that is love.

It’s clear that we are human. We have trying days. We have days when we find ourselves running on empty. Those are the trying days when we may not be patient and find it difficult to be kind. Those are the days when we need to forgive ourselves first and cut ourselves slack when we might not have that patience to show grace. But, if we can live with a heart full of love and understanding, then we may find fewer days when we are empty and more days full of grace. Have a wonderful week.

Mindful Monday: Work on Yourself

I love this post because it really sums up what I strive for in my personal life. I’m really trying to let things go, little and big. I’m trying to be kinder and not react to malice directed at me or ignorance around me. I can’t change others; I can only change me. Peace begins when you realize where the control lies.

Have a nice week.

“Mischief Managed”

Perennials new and old: A new Phlox and a well-established Bleeding Heart

Last week I wrote a post about how I was anticipating a very busy weekend revolving around yard work. Well, I also lamented about how I dislike spring, but then I shared how my family and I needed to prepare the garden, clean and mulch our perennial beds, and do general yard cleanup. Although yard work is a lot of hard work, I don’t mind it. What I do mind is the black flies. At the end of that post I told you I’d update about how productive my time outside was. So, here is the update. My family and I indeed spent the weekend cleaning up the yard and completed our goals; in the immortal words of JK Rowling, “Mischief Managed.”  

Saturday began with Jeff and Colby hefting three yards of compost up the hill to our garden, and Maddy and I spread it. It’s too early in New Hampshire to plant the garden, so Jeff will till in the compost and we will plant in two weeks.

We got our perennial beds cleaned out spread bags of mulch. I even bought a few new annuals and one perennial to brighten up some of the spaces.

And, after about twelve hours spent outdoors in the yard over two days, I’m happy to report that the black flies were nearly a no-show. First, because Saturday was so incredibly windy, offering up winds hailing from the maelstrom category, the nasty little buggers couldn’t take flight. Second, Sunday was very warm all morning. Black flies avoid hot sun, so they weren’t an issue until closer to 2pm. At that point the sun went in and it cooled off, considerably. However, we were just about done. Jeff and Maddy had spread the last bag of mulch and I was raking. I endured the pests for about 15 minutes.

I’m very happy we are done and that our spring cleaning wasn’t ravaged by the nasty little ear-biters. Next, we need to plant the garden and finish mulching the front, then we can spend the summer enjoying the rewards of our hard work.

Mindful Monday: Attitude

It took me decades to realize this sentiment. I know so many people who live their lives always down and feeling like victims.

I’m not saying bad things don’t happen to people. When they do, you are throughly entitled to feel miserable and defeated. I am referring to those people who aren’t positive. The ones who always see the bad side, or the proverbial glass-half-empty. I was one of those people.

In my 20s, if I was having a bad day, everyone knew it. And, that day never got better, it always got worse. I drove people away with the frown on my face or the negativity I spoke. It took me a long time to realize what that frown or my actions meant to those around me. Let’s just say I wasn’t oozing positivity.

So, if you are frustrated with people around you, consider how you feel inside, then consider the persona you project. Positivity breads positivity. And the converse is true. You reap what you sew.

Damp Cake?

This photo made me literally LOL! I’m still giggling as I write this post.

That said, this photo and ensuing instructions brings up a good point. What is wrong with the word moist? The first time I heard someone have an aversion to it was a few years ago. A coworker cringed whenever I or someone else said the word. She cringed like we were talking about peach fuzz.

Maybe it’s a generational thing. She was younger than me by about 15 years; a millennial. No offense meant with the term; it’s a generational designation with its own set of characteristics. Perhaps I thought she was too sensitive.

Anyway, I’d like to know who else dislikes the word. Post a comment and let me know why. If that word doesn’t bother you, are there other words, besides vulgar words, that bother you? I’d love to know.

Spring and Black Flies – Ewww

Spring! My least favorite season. It signifies the transition from winter to summer. Both seasons I’m fond of. Well, to be perfectly honest, I’m wildly fond of winter, and I hate when it ends. I like summer because of the long days, but the mosquitoes leave a lot to be desired. After summer comes fall, which is gorgeous in New Hampshire. Thus, I tolerate spring. It must happen for the rest of the year to unfold.

Anyway, the point of my post today is to let you know the other reason I’m not a fan of spring, it’s the yard work. We have a large yard with a lot of perennial beds that require mulch. That’s a lot of work. I actually don’t mind the work. What I mind are the black flies. Black flies and mosquitoes should be the New Hampshire state birds. We have an abundance of both.

They swarm like this around your head!

If you’ve never experienced black flies, you’re blessed. They swarm and buzz around your ears. If they bite, it swells; bad! I’ve been bitten on the eyelid and had my eye swell shut. I’ve been bitten on the ear, and that was painfully itchy for days. Oh, if you scratch the itch from the bite, it hurts. Just a value added from a loathsome black fly attack.

These annoying pests appear every year end of April/early May when we need to get our yard work done. It makes the work that much more challenging.

This year, because our garden was so pitiful last year, we had three yards of compost delivered. We need to add that to our garden and till it this weekend. I’m dreading those pesky flies. Moving the mulch up the hill to the garden will be challenging enough without a swarm chasing me.

To keep me sane and protected from the flies, I think I may need to cave and wear one of those crazy net hats. I used to make fun of old people for wearing them. Does that make me old? Perhaps. But, at least I won’t get a black fly bite on my eye. I’ll let you know how the yard work goes!

She makes the hat look glamorous. I do not and I won’t share a picture of me in it.

Mindful Monday: Learn from Everyone

When one realizes that those you believe inferior are not, that everyone is able to contribute, and we all have strengths and weaknesses, then peace will be achieved. Be kind, patient, and show grace to those who seem less gifted than you; everyone is able to contribute. Everyone you meet is able to teach you something.